Discover the Lighthouses of Northeastern Wisconsin

Many harbor towns along Lake Michigan are proud of their lighthouses, and the communities of Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Kewaunee, Algoma, Sturgeon Bay and Door County are home to some magnificent lighthouses. They are fascinating to tour, as each one is different and has unique characteristics. To read about each one gives you insight on their historical significance to the area...and their importance in maritime navigation.

Manitowoc Breakwater Light

manitowoc light
Manitowoc's Breakwater Light is the first structure you see as you enter Manitowoc's harbor, the Wisconsin port of the S.S. Badger carferry...which sails from Ludington, Michigan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin every May-October. The Manitowoc Breakwater Light, located at the mouth of the Manitowoc River, is a 52 foot steel tower set upon a 22 foot by 48 foot concrete base. The present light was built in 1918, replacing earlier lights built in 1840 and 1895. The lens now used is a Fifth Order Fresnel, which replaced the Fourth Order Fresnel from 1918. You can view the lighthouse from the breakwater but the structure itself is not open to the public.

Algoma light

Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse

The Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse, also known as Algoma Light, is a red, steel structure overlooking Lake Michigan. It stands 42 feet tall and is accessible from Lake Street. The grounds are open to the public but the tower is closed. This lighthouse became operational in 1893...and stood at 35 feet with a 400' elevated walkway. In 1932 the lighthouse was relocated to its present location during a $100,000 harbor improvement project.

Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse

kewaunee light
The Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse is located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin...halfway between Sturgeon Bay and Manitowoc along Lake Michigan. The attractive square tower is identical to the Holland Harbor Lighthouse, but is white in color with a red roof as opposed to Holland's red tower. The two-story building is 40 feet long and 15 feet wide. The City of Kewaunee is in charge of the lighthouse, which, like most lighthouses, has undergone many changes over the years. More information about Wisconsin Lighthouses will be added very soon. Please check back again later.

Wisconsin Lighthouse Locations...

Wisconsin Lighthouse Map

Manitowoc North Breakwater - Walk out to the end of the pier to this Manitowoc lighthouse, and wave to the carferry S.S. Badger as the ship passes by.
Algoma North Pierhead - This lighthouse can be seen all along the Crescent Beach Boardwalk and is accessible via the pier if you want to venture closer.
Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse - Located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin...halfway between Sturgeon Bay and Manitowoc along Lake Michigan.

Discover More Lake Michigan Lighthouses...

West Michigan Map

Ludington's North Breakwater Light -- Walk the half-mile long pier to West Michigan's most popular lighthouse.
North Pierhead Lighthouse in Manistee -- At the Manistee beach.
Little Sable Point Lighthouse -- Located at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.
Big Sable Point Lighthouse -- Located in the Ludington State Park.
Pentwater Pier Head Lights -- At the channel to Pentwater Lake.
Grand Haven Lighthouse -- The Grand Haven lighthouse is at the mouth of the Grand River.
White River Light Station in Whitehall -- Operated by the Sable Point Lighthouse Keepers.

Northern Michigan Map

Harbor Point Lighthouse -- Located in Harbor Springs in Northern Michigan. McGulpin Point Lighthouse -- This lighthouse is located in the Straits of Mackinac at Mackinaw City. Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse -- Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse is in Mackinaw City.

Northwest Michigan Map

Grand Traverse Light Station -- Located on the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan, The Grand Traverse Light was established in 1852.
Point Betsie Light Station -- Nestled in a dune just south of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the tower stands 39 feet tall, but with the height of the dune it towers 52 feet above Lake Michigan.

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